What to Look for in Quality Pet Food and Treats

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Nutrition and Ingredients

If you don’t know, or understand the ingredients in your pet’s food or treats, you are not alone! Unfortunately, the majority of pet food today is mass-produced in large batches of 500 tons or more, using less-than-optimal protein sources and cooking temperatures, these highly-processed products end up waiting in the warehouses up to a year and a half before they pass from manufacture to your pet’s bowl. Your pet deserves better! At Pet Wants, we start with fresh food like salmon, duck, whitefish, and chicken, premium protein sources meant for consumption by your dog or cat. We eliminate corn, soy, wheat products, artificial colors, and all fillers in our complete and balanced recipes. Our pet foods are prepared in small-batches at lower temperatures to lock in every bit of flavor and nutrition. The shorter the shelf life, the better the nutrition. We ship our premium pet food directly from our manufacturing facility to your Pet Wants Owner, who promptly delivers it to your door.

Pet Specific Needs

Every pet is unique and nutritional needs, and wants differ, based on the breed, age, activity, weight, and health. At Pet Wants, we are aware that many dogs are overweight, so we adjust feeding guidelines to recommend the most nutrition possible with the fewest number of calories. We help you consider your pets specific needs because every pet is different, and should be fed accordingly. However, all pets need high quality protein for proper muscle development and only the most necessary and natural carbs for energy. You pet also needs essential vitamins and minerals that help with strong teeth and bones. These are a few qualities that are present in every batch of Pet Wants fresh pet food.

AAFCO Guidelines

All Pet Wants fresh pet foods are made to meet or exceed the nutritional levels established by AAFCO, the Associate of American Feed Control. AAFCO sets the standards for the quality and safety of pet food in the United States. AAFCO educates consumers on what is actually in your pet’s food, and if it is good for them. You can find out more about what ingredients you are feeding your pet’s on AAFCO’s website. You can also find your local Pet Wants location and your Nutrition Specialist will be happy to show you the wholesome ingredients in every bag of our fresh pet food made for all life stages, and do a side by side comparison of their current food if they are not yet enjoying our delicious and nutritious fresh pet food and treats! Check out some highlights of a few Pet Wants fresh pet food, chews, and treats below!

Salmon Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Food

Pet Wants Salmon & Brown Rice was created for the health and well-being of dog’s young and old. Salmon is #1 and from there, we blend in only natural whole grains and antioxidant rich vegetables and fruits.

Grain-Free Chicken & Turkey

We packed all the best chicken and turkey into this formula but held the grains. Contains lean proteins to help build muscles, as well as sweet potatoes for a beta-carotene and antioxidant boost.

Puppy Food

Puppies need love, care, and excellent nutrition. This is why Pet Wants Puppy formula has all of the things your pup needs for a complete diet that is perfect for growing dogs.

10-12″ Beef Gullet Taffy

Gullets are the esophagus of the cow and are high in chondroitin which helps with dog’s joint health. These are great for medium and large dogs and will make a longer lasting treat for a small dog.

12″ Braided Bully Stick

Made with three 12-inch Bully Sticks braided together to create a longer lasting chew. Bully sticks improve your dog’s dental health and keeps them happy and healthy!

Grain-Free Roasted Duck Biscuit Dog Treats

Baked in small batches with wholesome ingredients and high-quality protein, these delicious biscuits are quickly digested for energy.

For more information visit our website, or find your local Pet Wants store here.

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